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Your costumers thoughts

Get our latest feedback terminal!

Gain massive amounts of data very fast. Simply put one of our terminals in your shop or institution and receive instant feedback. With our intuitive user interface it is very easy for you to add a new or change an existing question. The terminal is very easy to set up - just plug it in and you are ready to go.

Buzzing is fun!

And your customers will love the feeling of making an impact!

Bored of ordinary travel guides?

Start exploring the world in a more exciting way!

Open the app and just start or choose which things you are interested in and get an individual tour:
For example choose historical buildings and nature. You will then only get information based on your interest while exploring.

Experience sightseeing in a new way.

Receive relevant information automatically!

Our app uses a location based algorithm which provides you automatically with images, text and audio elements as soon as you are near a point of interest. You wont miss secret highlights anymore.

Don't miss anything!

And enjoy freedom of decisions.

Not the guide decides where to go next - you do. You can always have a look at a list of points near you with a distance to the point and the direction. This information helps you navigate to the next spot and you might experience unexpected adventures and great fun while hunting for the unknown.


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